Multiplatform image encryption software.

Crypt My Pic, for android & iOS, allows you to keep and share your pics encrypted using high security algorithms. Your confidential graphical information, like coordinate cards, your sensitive pics will be kept highly secured using AES 256 algorithm. Never again let your photos available to anyone who access your mobile.

  • Store your confidential graphical information secure
  • AES Encryption (with cbc mode) to ensure top security
  • Share your pics safely by e-mail (password needed to view)
  • On device lost, be sure your private information is not revealed

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Changing the way we keep photos on our devices

Everyday we take more photos, we use more graphics, we store more info in our mobiles and ipads, we share them more. And all that pictures are available to any one who access our phone or iPad or the devices of the people we share with. Keeping your pictures secure was never more important. From confidential data like like coordinates cards, scanned cards, etc, to sensitive pictures, having all them secured has never been more critical.

Crypt my Pics uses the best encryption algorithms to make your picture highly secure. You will need to specify a individual password for each picture. Only those with the password will be able to see the picture. You can store it, you can share it, can do what ever you want, but only will be visible to those you wish.

Some other nice features includes: (iOS only, they will be included in next release for Android whenever possible).

iCloud support

iCloud support. Encrypt your pics in iPhone and see them in your iPad.

Gift app

Gift the app to those you will share pictures with.

Choose signature

Choose your default signature for your emails.

Choose your resolution

You can choose the max resolution for your encrypted images. The more resolution you use, the bigger files will be and the slower they will get processed.



Version 2.1.1 (android - lite)

Released on May, 2014
  • FixFixed bug when accesing crypted files in some devices.

Version 2.1 (android)

Released on March, 2014
  • NewUI revamped.
  • FixFixed minor bugs

Version 2.0 (android - lite)

Released on January, 2013
  • NewLITE version released.
  • NewKeep up to 5 encrypted photos for free.

Version 2.0 (iOS)

Released on January, 2013
  • NewAdded translations to French and Russian.
  • NewImprovements on UI to make it more friendly.

Version 2.0 (android)

Released on November, 2012
  • NewAdded support for Android 2.2.x
  • FixFixed minor bug in some devices when changing orientation while encrypting.

Version 1.0 (android)

Released on October, 2012
  • New Android version released!

Version 1.1 (iOS)

Released on September, 2012
  • New iCloud support
  • New UI improvements
  • New Ready for iOS6 libs
  • New Ready for Android compatible version

Version 1.0.1 (iOS)

Released on July, 2012
  • New Available outside US
  • New Several Localizations

Version 1.0 (iOS)

Released on June, 2012
  • New First public release!
  • Fix UI fixes for iPad
  • New File filtering.
  • fix Send email as embed file

Version 0.9 (iOS)

Released on April, 2012
  • New Universal App - iPad specifics
  • New Version header
  • Fix Block Encryption IV fixes


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  • Q. I have encrypted an image, and I forgot the password.
    How can I decrypt it?

    You cannot. It wouldn't be too secure if there was some way to decrypt it, right?

    Please, do not forget the password of your images or otherwise they will be useless.

  • Q. Can I delete the application data (android) safely?

    Yes, you can. But you will also delete your encrypted images.

    We recommend you make a copy of these images, sending them by email, in case you need to delete the application data.

    The reason of using that space for saving the images, is that it is only readable from the CryptMyPic application.

    If needed, we'll add a feature where you can choose where to store your encrypted images

  • Q. Sometimes encryption operations take too long. Why?

    Encrypting and decrypting operations are very expensive operations in terms of CPU.

    The higher resolution the image has, it will take more space in disk and more time to encrypt/decrypt it

    We recommend not to work with images greater than 2 MB.


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What they say ...

I discovered this app when I was sent an encrypted photo. Now I can't stop using it

- Ashley Keys (CA)

Happy to be sure I'm sharing safely

- Andrew Clarke (CA)

Never again will leave my photos visible to anyone. So easy to use that is hard to resist.

- Jane Born (NJ)

The more I use it, the less I understand how I could leave my picture accessible before.

- Audrey Kane (Canada)